Data Elicitation aims at providing a better understanding of the data management issues, and how such an understanding may benefit to the companies involved in digital activities.

Data Elicitation initially is a blog, allowing me to express my opinions, concerns and comments on some data management issues (and beyond this, on topics related to digital data).

Data Elicitation also is a project, as I do believe in the power of categorization to bring some user-targeting alternatives to the all-too intrusive cookies.

Data Elicitation finally is a banner, under which I shall gather my digital activities in the future, be it on a consultancy basis or (and?) as a startup for my digital business.

My name is Yves-Marie Lemaître, and you may find useful links here:

  • Blog : the living part of the site, that I strive to enrich at least once weekly
  • About me : a short résumé, especially focused on who I am, and what I believe in
  • Eliciting data ?? : a definition for the word “Elicitation”, and what this may mean for data
  • How to reach me : links to my resources in the web, as well as a very useful contact form
  • Links I like : internet resources that aroused my interest, regularly updated with new entries

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