Certified Web Analyst

This page aims at explaining what the CWA is, and what benefits you may expect from it.


The CWA certification is organized by the Digital Analytics Association. More information about the exam in itself, and the conditions may be found on their website, namely in the certification section.


daa_cwa_awardOnce the exam taken, and passed, an official Award testifying my certification has been sent home. Nice look, I must say…



UBC award YMLThe CWA also is best prepared by following the “UBC/DAA Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics”, as proposed also on the DAA website. I have passed this Award in 2013.


Basically, being certified implies that the digital professional covers following domains:

  • Web Analytics
  • Site Optimization
  • Measuring Marketing Campaigns Online
  • Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture

The full list of requirements is much longer, but this short summary shows already that being a CWA is not only a question of technique, but also of strategy and even politics within the company.

Therefore, I believe that such a certification is key to senior professional like me, that are bound to endorse C-level positions in the data and/or digital areas, such as Chief Data Officer.

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