My expertise in data management, Market Research and digital analytics, as well as my confirmed experience in marketing training, allow me to be able to share know-how and competencies, techniques and analysis, both in English and French.

In such a fast-moving and multi-dimensional world (the high-velocity of Big Data variety…), one must stay on top of new trends and tools. In this respect, Data Elicitation is proposing following modules, sorted per level of Data Management progress :

  • Beginner for those who first want to embrace Big Data and Digital issues, with the aim to start a data strategy implementation
  • Business for those who are already working with data, with the aim to define best practices and verify their knowledge
  • Advanced for those who already have a very good practice of data management, with the aim to deepen a specific topic or gain information about a new concept

A detailed description for each training, as well as the corresponding price, is available on demand. A tailor-made training for your current data topics is also possible.

So, do not hesitate to contact me here.