Brave New World…

Hello Brave New World!

It will not be my goal to comment Aldous Huxley’s book in this blog, even though I’d love it, but rather to comment on what has been my core business for the past 20 years: data elicitation.

With the constant growth of the online usage, the world has been processing ever more data than ever; such names as “big data”, “cloud computing”, “social media”, “web analytics” are known to nearly every man-in-the-street. A new world that did not exist a few years ago, and that was known only to happy few up until a few months ago.

A new world; Fine. Why brave? Actually, these words sound like a Terra Incognita, as nobody really has an answer on how to handle them: fear of the gigantic amounts of data points, questions on where to start with these data, lack of operational tools and schemes, the void is near…

So we have to be brave; or this new world will be brave in Aldous Huxley’s way, creating a data hell that only robots and maybe a few dominating companies will be able to handle.

Of course, I do not pretend I have THE answer, or I would not be writing this blog, as I would rather be counting my billions on a Caribbean beach 🙂

But I have experienced several data revolutions through my Market Research experience, from the introduction of Bar Codes for FMCG sales tracking, to Point-of-Sales single data collection and now to my current task on understanding how to cope with the vastness of the internet data…

This blog aims at sharing this experience, and I hope I can bring some tips to whoever is facing the challenge to use such masses of data. I have named this specific task “Data Elicitation”.

So let us elicit the data of this Brave New World!

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