I want to facilitate Data Elicitation. Nice. Not sure what this may mean?

Let us start with a few definitions for “elicitation”:

  • From the MacMillan dictionary (online version)
  1. the process of getting information from someone
  2. the process of making someone react in a particular way
  • From the new Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus (1987 paper version)
  1. the process of giving rise to something
  2. the process of bringing something to light

So basically, Elicitation is a very righteous word, as it covers both the art of extracting the relevance and meaning out of something, but also is bound to promoting it.

Hence eliciting data is a very positive action: not only understanding what may be hidden within the data, but also to turn it into action.

This is exactly what I have been doing all my life, without having formalized it, at least until now… Running projects on both side of the Research, Operations (including design and setup), as well as Client Servicing (especially evangelization, considering the cutting edge businesses I have been working for…). So here am I, at the hinge of doing and selling, of operating and explaining, a true data elicitor.

Somehow, I feel like a cook: from a set of heterogeneous primary items, after a tiresome preparation and a careful mixing, I get a meal, for which I even may write a recipe…

So let us have a digital dinner together, let us elicit your data!

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