Areas of expertise

Through my Data Elicitation blog, I want to help you act on data strategies as a whole, providing insights at a global level.

Data Elicitation works on three operational axis, patterning, enrichment and analytics. Each header is linked to a post explaining the concept and content of each term. Below are specific skills applying to each Data Management steps.

Patterning skills:

  • Conceptualization (Business requirements, formal design)
  • Data Acquisition (Data sourcing and structuring)
  • Project Management (Business plans, team lead)

Enrichment skills:

  • Data Categorization (Coding policies, working methods) 
  • Collaboration Scheme (Tool implementation, support, training)
  • Coding Strategies (Outsourcing, QA, SLA’s)

Analytics skills:

  • Analysis methodologies (Inductive reasoning, funnel analysis)
  • Analytics development (new metrics & analysis schemes, KPI’s)
  • Client servicing (Presentations, Business cases, Reporting)


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