As a partner, and also through this blog, Data Elicitation aims at helping you and your organization act on data strategies as a whole, providing insights at a global level, but also in a more detailed manner, managing digital and data projects for specific topics.

In this respect, using my experience and also my knowledge of the industry, I provide expertise in following areas:

  • Project Management (Business plans, budget control, business and/or technical team lead)
  • Digital and Data transformation (strategic initiatives, team management, top-down and bottom-up communication)
  • Training (see proposed workshops here, other modules may be designed on an ad-hoc basis, based on your own requirements)
  • And, based on my professional track, a specific business competency about Retail (both e-commerce, and also Brick and Mortar)

Beyond these organizational and project management competencies, Data Elicitation works on three operational axis:

  1. Data design and acquisition (“patterning”)
  2. Data enrichment
  3. Data and Digital analytics

Each header is linked to a post illustrating the concept and content of each term. Below are mentioned some specific skills applying to each of these Data Management steps.

Patterning skills:

  • Conceptualization (Business requirements, formal design)
  • Data Acquisition (Data sourcing and structuring, data storage)
  • Data Governance (Privacy monitoring, Data update policies)

Enrichment skills:

  • Data Categorization (Coding policies, working methods) 
  • Collaboration Scheme (Tool implementation, support, team coaching)
  • Coding Strategies (Outsourcing, QA, SLA’s)

Analytics skills:

  • Analysis methodologies (Inductive reasoning, funnel analysis)
  • Analytics development (new metrics & analysis schemes, KPI’s)
  • Client servicing (Presentations, Business cases, Reporting)